Welcome to the Deface the Quran Website

We will soon be posting a number of photos and videos of The “Holy” Quran being defaced and desecrated for your amusement.  If you have suggestions of a new and interesting way to deface the Quran, we will have an email link shortly for you to submit your ideas.

We are working feverishly to get the site up and running, so please check back soon. Some things we plan to have:

The FAQ (Mainly,  “Why the hell are you doing this?”) Photos, Video, and a chat forum. The Forum is running Click here http://defacethequran.com/php/


For the record,  I am not now, nor have I ever been, associated with any branch of the military. I do have an enormous amount of respect and admiration for our men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, and thank them for putting their lives on the line to preserve the Freedoms that most Americans take for granted each day. It is because of their sacrifices, that I am allowed to exercise my right to free speech and put this site up. If this site offends you, too bad. If this site upsets you, too bad. There is an entire internet to browse, so go someplace else. For those that recognize why this site is being created, please enjoy what is to come. 

Also, as I know how people are, and especially EXTREMISTS that get all bent out of shape that someone does not treat their “sacred” book with the respect THEY feel it deserves, the email link is for submissions only. The forum will have a space for you to spout off, but it will be moderated, so please keep your opinions there. The email is not for hate mail and the like. Also, any messages, posted in the forum or via email, that are deemed as threatening in ANY manner, will be reported to the proper authorities.

For those that feel that this site is wrong, yet the burning of the U.S. flag and murder of our troops and civilians is OK, then please leave the site, go outside and play a nice game of Hide-and-Go-Fuck yourself.

Contact us at contact@defacethequran.com